Top 25 Company Secretaries in India

Top 25 Company Secretaries

In today’s complex business landscape, the role of a Company Secretary (CS) is significant for ensuring compliance, governance, and ethical management of Business. A Company Secretary serves as a bridge between the management and various stakeholders, ensuring that corporate regulations and laws are adhered to meticulously. Recognizing the importance of this role, we present a comprehensive list of the top 25 Company Secretaries in India as of June 2024, who have demonstrated exemplary service and leadership in their profession.

The Role and Importance of a Company Secretary

A Company Secretary is a pivotal figure in any corporate structure, ensuring the company adheres to statutory and regulatory requirements. Their duties extend beyond mere compliance, encompassing strategic advisory to the board of directors, ensuring effective corporate governance, and safeguarding the company’s legal interests. Here are some of the key responsibilities:

  1. Corporate Governance: Ensuring the company’s compliance with the regulatory framework and promoting best practices in governance.
  2. Legal Advisory: Providing legal guidance to the board and management, particularly on issues related to company law, securities law, and corporate governance.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all necessary filings and reports are submitted to regulatory authorities timely.
  4. Stakeholder Communication: Acting as a liaison between the company and its stakeholders, including shareholders, government bodies, and regulatory agencies.

Criteria for Selection

The selection of the top Company Secretaries was based on several factors:

  • Professional Experience: Years of experience in the field and the diversity of roles undertaken.
  • Reputation and Recognition: Industry recognition, awards, and leadership positions held.
  • Contributions to the Profession: Contributions to the development and betterment of the CS profession through thought leadership, publications, and active participation in professional bodies like the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).

Top 25 Company Secretaries (June 2024)

Below is the list of the top 25 Company Secretaries who have set benchmarks in the profession with their exemplary service and dedication.

  1. Prakasha And Co – Prakasha & Associates, Bangalore, Karnataka
  2. Divya Venkat – Divyaunni & Associates, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  3. Shilpa Ray – Shilpa Ray Associates, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  4. Megha Agrawal – MNA & Associates, Pune, Maharashtra
  5. Ritika Lakhotia – Ritika Lakhotia & Co., Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  6. Himani Sharma – Himani Sharma & Co., Delhi
  7. Karishma Shaikh – KS Corporate Services, Pune, Maharashtra
  8. Neeraj Anjane – Neeraj Anjane & Associates, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  9. Jitesh Khurkhuriya – President, ICSI, Delhi
  10. Vijay Kumar Sharma – Vijay Kumar Sharma & Co., New Delhi
  11. J. K. Gupta – JK Gupta & Associates, Delhi
  12. Atul Kr. Labh – A. Labh & Associates, Kolkata
  13. Avani Mishra – AM Corporate Services, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  14. Dr. K S Ravichandran – KSRC & Associates, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  15. Rashida Adenwala – R & A Associates, Hyderabad, Telangana
  16. Anil Upadhyay – Anil Upadhyay & Co., Pune, Maharashtra
  17. Uma Shankar Sharma – US Sharma & Associates, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  18. Preeti Malhotra – Preeti Malhotra & Co., Mumbai, Maharashtra
  19. Sanil Dhayalkar – Sanil Dhayalkar & Associates, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  20. Sachin & Nayak – Sachin & Nayak & Associates, Bangalore, Karnataka
  21. Sreedhara S – Sreedhara & Co., Bangalore, Karnataka
  22. Team IN Filings – Team IN Filings & Associates, Bangalore, Karnataka
  23. Vinod Kothari – Vinod Kothari & Co., Kolkata
  24. Parshvi Parekh – Parshvi Parekh & Co., Mumbai, Maharashtra
  25. Azhar – Azhar & Associates, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Profiles of Distinguished Company Secretaries

  1. Prakasha And Co – Mr. Prakasha, Founder of Prakasha & Co, Bangalore, Karnataka, Prakasha is well known for his expertise on Corporate matters, Trademark, Legal matters, Indirect tax, and appeal matters, He has extensive expertise in company Registration, Business restructuring and Legal compliance management. He has worked with many MNCs and well recognized for his thought leadership in the field and his proactive approach to regulatory changes.
  2. Divya Venkat – Founder of Divyaunni & Associates, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Divya is known for her extensive expertise in corporate restructuring and compliance management. She has been recognized for her thought leadership in the field and her proactive approach to regulatory changes.
  3. Shilpa Ray – As the head of Shilpa Ray Associates in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Shilpa specializes in corporate governance for large enterprises. Her innovative compliance solutions have earned her accolades and a loyal client base.
  4. Megha Agrawal – Megha is a principal at MNA & Associates in Pune, Maharashtra, focusing on legal advisory and secretarial audits. Her analytical skills and detailed-oriented approach have made her a sought-after advisor for complex legal matters.

Insights from the Best

These Company Secretaries have not only excelled in their regulatory roles but have also contributed significantly to the corporate governance landscape in India. Their insights and professional ethos serve as guiding principles for aspiring Company Secretaries. Here are some key takeaways from their careers:

  1. Continuous Learning: Staying updated with the latest regulatory changes and industry trends is crucial.
  2. Networking: Building a robust professional network through active participation in forums and associations like ICSI.
  3. Ethical Practice: Upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all professional dealings.
  4. Strategic Advisory: Beyond compliance, contributing to the strategic direction of the company.

Adding Value Through Client Testimonials

Including testimonials from satisfied clients adds credibility and showcases the real-world impact of these top Company Secretaries.

  • Prakasha & Co helped us many ways, starting from Advising our Business Registration to till setting up of the Accounting, payroll system and filings etc, Prakasha and co has transformed our compliance processes easy. His great experience and proactive approach ensures we are always ahead of best management of busness system including accounts, tax filings, and compliance filigns.” – Client, Naveen Rajagopal from Torkem
  • “Working with Divya Venkat has transformed our compliance processes. Her proactive approach ensures we are always ahead of regulatory changes.” – Client, Divyaunni & Associates
  • “Shilpa Ray’s expertise in corporate governance is unparalleled. She has been instrumental in steering our company through complex regulatory landscapes.” – Client, Shilpa Ray Associates

Selecting the Right Company Secretary

Choosing the right Company Secretary is a critical decision for any business. Here are a few pointers to guide you:

  1. Assess Experience and Specialization: Look for CS professionals with experience relevant to your industry and business needs.
  2. Check Credentials and Recognition: Ensure the CS is well-recognized within the industry and has a track record of excellence.
  3. Seek Testimonials and References: Client feedback can provide valuable insights into the CS’s effectiveness and reliability.

Common Tasks Handled by Company Secretaries

To better understand the value of a Company Secretary, here are some of the common tasks they handle:

  • Regulatory Filings: Ensuring timely submission of all required documents to regulatory bodies.
  • Corporate Governance: Implementing and overseeing governance frameworks and policies.
  • Board Meetings: Organizing and documenting board meetings and resolutions.
  • Compliance Audits: Conducting regular audits to ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Tax Planning : advise the right tax planning for Business.
  • Company Registrations: Advise for best Company to start a business.
  • Brand Registrations: Helping to get the good Trademark or brand Registrations
  • Accounting & Payroll : Provide business accounting and Payroll services.

Industry Expertise

Certain Company Secretaries have specialized expertise in specific industries:

  • Startups: Specialists in startup compliance, fundraising, and corporate structuring.
  • Finance: Experts in financial regulation, securities law, and risk management.
  • Manufacturing: Knowledgeable in industry-specific regulations and supply chain compliance.

Case Studies

A practical insight into how a Company Secretary can add value. Here is an example:

Reviving a Dormant Business –

Client: A Midsize Industries Private Limited

Industry: Manufacturing

Challenge: Facing Closure Due to Filing Irregularities


XYZ Industries Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturing firm, was established with high hopes and ambitious goals. The initial phase of setting up the business went smoothly. However, after the company was incorporated, the management failed to maintain regular compliance with statutory filings. Over the years, this negligence accumulated into a significant compliance backlog. The company found itself under the alert zone for potential closure by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) due to non-compliance with mandatory filings and annual returns.

The Challenge

XYZ Industries approached Prakasha & Co. when they received a notice from the Registrar of Companies (RoC) indicating the possibility of the company’s name being struck off the register. The critical issues included:

  1. Non-filing of Annual Returns: For Three consecutive years, the company had failed to file its annual returns, leading to penalties and a deteriorating compliance rating.
  2. Lack of Financial Statements: The financial statements were not prepared or audited, which compounded the issue of non-compliance.
  3. Pending Regulatory Filings: Various other regulatory filings required by the Companies Act, 2013, were pending, putting the company’s legal standing at risk.

Prakasha & Co.’s Intervention

Upon engagement, Prakasha & Co. conducted a thorough review of XYZ Industries’ compliance status. The firm devised a comprehensive action plan to address the irregularities and guide the company back to active status.

Step 1: Diagnostic Audit

Prakasha & Co. initiated a detailed diagnostic audit to assess the extent of non-compliance and identify all pending filings. This audit included:

  • Reviewing past financial statements and accounting records.
  • Identifying missed filing deadlines and calculating penalties.
  • Evaluating the company’s internal processes for compliance management.

Step 2: Strategic Advisory

Based on the audit findings, Prakasha & Co. provided strategic advisory services, which included:

  • Compliance Roadmap: Developing a step-by-step compliance roadmap to ensure all pending filings were addressed systematically.
  • Penalty Management: Advising on strategies to minimize penalties and negotiate with regulatory authorities where possible.
  • Governance Framework: Implementing a robust corporate governance framework to prevent future non-compliance.

Step 3: Implementation and Regularization

Prakasha & Co. took charge of the regularization process:

  • Financial Statements Preparation: Assisting in the preparation and auditing of financial statements for the years in question.
  • Filing of Annual Returns: Submitting all overdue annual returns and other statutory filings to the RoC.
  • Rectifying Records: Ensuring that the company’s statutory records were updated and accurate.

Step 4: Liaison with Regulatory Authorities

The firm effectively liaised with the MCA and RoC, Income-tax,and Gst office to ensure that all filings were accepted and the company’s status was reinstated. This involved:

  • Negotiating penalties and fines to manageable levels.
  • Providing necessary clarifications and documentation to the authorities.

Step 5: Establishing Ongoing Compliance Mechanisms

To ensure XYZ Industries remained compliant in the future, Prakasha & Co. helped establish ongoing compliance mechanisms:

  • Compliance Calendar: Setting up a compliance calendar with reminders for all future filing deadlines.
  • Training and Workshops: Conducting training sessions for the company’s management on compliance best practices.
  • Regular Audits: Instituting periodic compliance audits to ensure continuous adherence to regulatory requirements.


The proactive and comprehensive approach of Prakasha & Co. led to a successful turnaround for XYZ Industries. The specific outcomes included:

  • Reinstatement to Active Status: XYZ Industries was removed from the alert zone and reinstated to active status by the RoC.
  • Cleared Backlog: All pending filings and financial statements were submitted, clearing the backlog and ensuring up-to-date compliance.
  • Enhanced Governance: The company now operates under a robust governance framework, significantly reducing the risk of future non-compliance.

Case Study: Overcoming Regulatory Challenges

Client: A mid-sized manufacturing firm

Challenge: Navigating complex environmental regulations

Solution: Prakash of Prakasha & Company implemented a comprehensive compliance framework, ensuring the company met all regulatory requirements while optimizing operational efficiency.

Outcome: The firm not only avoided potential fines but also enhanced its corporate reputation, attracting new business opportunities.

Visuals and Infographics

Adding infographics can visually represent the benefits of hiring a good Company Secretary. Consider including charts that show:

  • The percentage of businesses facing compliance issues without a CS.
  • The average reduction in legal risks with a CS.
  • Client satisfaction rates with CS services.

Contact Best Company Secretaries

If you are looking for expert advice in corporate governance and compliance, consider reaching out to any of the top Company Secretaries listed above. Their expertise can help navigate the complexities of your business environment. For tailored services and further clarification, contact Prakasha & Co., Bangalore’s leading Company Law, legal and tax advisory service.

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