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DSC Sign©, a product of INSTA AUTOMATION PVT LTD, registered under the Companies Act, 2013, is at the forefront of digital signatures. Based in Bangalore, our commitment is reflected in:

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Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) that are executable are our specialty here at DSC Sign. People and companies looking for dependable DSC services can rely on our dedication to safety, effectiveness, and dependability.

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Our expert knowledge of digital signatures, gained over many years in the industry, allows us to provide you with sound guidance and cutting-edge solutions

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Discover the ideal DSC for your requirements from our wide selection, which includes Class 3 DSC, e-tender Dsc, Organisation Dsc, Encryption Dsc, Dsc in Company Name etc.

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Advantages of DSC Certificate

  • Having a digital signature certificate that confirms the owner’s identity is useful when conducting business.
  • Electronically signing PDF saves time and money compared to physically signing hard copies.
  • There is no need for the physical presence of the holder of a digital signature to approve or conduct business.
  • The data’s integrity is guaranteed because digitally signed documents cannot be altered or changed.
  • Government organizations frequently look for these certifications to verify and validate business transactions.
  • The DSC ensures the document’s authenticity, allowing the receiver to rest easy. They can act on the evidence without concerning themselves with the possibility of document forgery.

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Most frequent questions and answers about on the Dsc

Here the signature is a digital signature, the use of a digital signature, which is an electronic version of a signature, can verify the sender’s identity and the signer’s intent while keeping the message’s or document’s original content unaltered. The security and portability of digital signatures make them impossible to forge. The ability to verify the arrival of the original, signed communication makes it difficult for the sender to later deny its authenticity.

The term DSC is short form of “digital signature certificate” (DSC) refers to the electronic version of a traditional paper certificate, such as a passport or driver’s license. For example, a passport proves that a person is a citizen of a certain country, allowing them to lawfully travel to any other country. Certificates serve as proof of identity for specific purposes. A Digital Signature Certificate serves a similar purpose; it can be electronically submitted to verify identification, gain access to online resources, or digitally sign specific documents.

A certificate that verifies your identity digitally is known as a digital signature. Additionally, by employing a Digital Signature Certificate to guarantee the complete confidentiality of the information shared, it gives you a great deal of protection for your online transactions. Encrypting data with a certificate ensures that no one other than the intended receiver can decipher it. By digitally signing a message, you can confirm your identity as the sender and give the receiver peace of mind that the content has not been altered while in transit.

The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) is the sole organization that the Indian government has authorized to issue digital signature certificates. The Government of India’s Controller of Certifying Authorities has issued licenses to Capricorn, eMudhra, Vsign, and Sify as Certifying Authorities. As a recognized Registration Authority (RA) across India, DSC Sign DSC Certificate Provider in Bangalore offers the quickest and most affordable DSC Digital Signature Online.

  • The following are some of the many uses for digital signature certificates:
  • For the purpose of exchanging emails that are both digitally signed and encrypted.
  • In order to conduct safe online transactions or to locate other people involved in such activities.
  • This is used in a wide variety of applications, including eTendering, eProcurement, MCA (for registrar of companies efiling), Income Tax (for income tax return efiling), and hundreds more.
  • To digitally signing documents in formats such as PDF, MS Excel, and MS Word.

Contributes significantly to the goal of being paperless in the workplace.

A digital signature certificate’s operation is described here.

With the backing of the CA, a digital signature certificate expressly links the identification of a person or device to a set of digital keys called public and private keys. Name, postal code, nationality, email address, date of issue, and name of the certifying authority are some of the pieces of personally identifiable information included in the certificate.

You can’t have one key without the other; they’re mutually supportive. During data exchange, browsers and servers utilize them to encrypt and decrypt information about the certificate user’s identity. Users can choose to keep their private key on their computer’s hard drive or on a separate device, like a token. The user is responsible for keeping the private key, which they can only use with the provided password.


Along with the encrypted data, the public key is shared. When these keys aren’t available or don’t match, the authentication process fails. This ensures that no one other than the intended recipient may access the encrypted data because it cannot be decrypted.

Digital signature certificates are legitimate in India since the country’s Information Technology Act of 2000 was passed.


Licensing authorities under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India, issue digital signature certificates in accordance with the Information Technology Act.

  • While digital signatures allow for the electronic signing of documents, digital signature certificates serve as digital records that identify the certifying authority that issued them.
  • Includes the subscriber’s name and other identifying information.
  • Includes the public key of the subscriber.
  • The certifying body that bestowed it has digitally signed it.

Is good for either one year or two years.

That is incorrect. There is a strict limit of one email address per digital signature certificate.

Would e-tendering systems be able to accept a digital signature certificate?

Depending on the service provider, digital signature certificates can be used in e-tendering systems.

Using digital signature certificates on wireless networks is absolutely possible.

Certifying authorities (CAs) are Capricon Dsc Sign etc. allows


Digital Signature Certificates are issued, revoked, renewed, and provided with directories by certifying authorities, which are reliable agencies. An individual who has been authorized to issue digital signature certificates is referred to as a “Certifying Authority” in Section 24 of the Information Technology Act 2000.

Who is Certifing Authority (CA)?

A certifying authority (CA) might be anyone.


The Information Technology Act of 2000 specifies what is needed to become a CA. So, in order to become a CA, one must first set up the necessary infrastructure and then have it audited by auditors chosen by the Controller of Certifying Authorities’ office. A Certifying Authority license can be obtained if all conditions have been met. The Government of India’s Ministry of Information Technology’s Controller of Certifying Authorities grants the license.

RA is an agent of the Certifying Authority, a Registration Authority (RA) gathers the necessary paperwork for Digital Signature Certificate applications, checks the information provided, and then either approves or rejects the application.

The following are the three types of digital signature certificates and the roles they play:

In Class 1, it is possible to verify people’s names and email addresses. Businesses should not utilize this.

Class 2 An individual’s identity can be checked against a trusted database using a Class 2 digital signature certificate. When submitting their tax returns, businesses and trusts must use this form.

Class 3 digital signature certificates are the safest and most advanced option for digital signatures in India. In order to obtain this, one must provide identification to a certification body. Anyone wishing to take part in online tenders or auctions must fall into this group.

Most Indian certifying bodies (CAs) do not offer class 1 certifications for sale. Class 1 certificates simply authenticate your name and email address, which is why government sites often utilize class 2 or class 3 certificates. You can compare prices for digital signature certifications by contacting different providers directly. Class 3 digital signature certificates from DSC Sign.com, a DSC Certificate Provider in Bangalore, are available at a very affordable price range, with the exact amount depending on the certificate type, term, and class.

  • The certificate section of your computer’s Internet options is where you may find information about your digital signature certificate. However, there are a few downsides to retaining this information on your computer:
  • An unauthorized third party could potentially abuse the digital signature certificate.
  • A digital signature certificate can be lost in the event of a system failure or when Internet Explorer is updated.

Keeping the digital signature certificate on an e-token, a little USB port device that is password protected and costs an additional Rs. 250/– (all inclusive), is the safest and most appropriate approach.