DSC for GST Filing

If you want to know how to register DSC on the GST site, read this article. You must have a “registered login account” on the GST site in order to do so.

Things you’ll need before you can register your DSC on the GST portal: – A USB token that contains your DSC – Software to run the DSC on your computer (you can get the installer for the DSC client on the DSC Registration page of the GST portal).

In order to register your DSC on the GST site, registered users are required to follow the detailed instructions provided below.

A detailed tutorial on how to sign up for a DSC on the GST website

Step 1: The GST Portal Must Be Accessible.

Jump over to the GST gateway website.

Step 2: Login as a Member.

Select the “Login” button once you reach the GST portal page. Next, provide your login information and hit the Login button.

The GST portal’s dashboard will be the next stop on your journey. Please select the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 3: The third step is to choose a profile.

Select “My Profile” from the menu that appears next to your profile name in the upper right corner. Access your profile page by clicking the “My Profile” button.

Step 4: Using the DSC USB Token, step four is to register or update DSC.

A link to “Register/Update DSC” may be found under the “Quick Links” section. You can register your DSC by clicking on this option. Connect your DSC USB Key to your computer.

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Step 5: Choose an Authorized Individual to Register

The page to register a digital signature certificate will load after you click the Register/Update DSC button. Choose the Authorized Signatory you want to register from the ‘PAN of Authorized Signatory’ drop-down menu.

Step 6: Choose the certificate and sign it.

Click on “Select Certificate” to proceed. Tap “Sign” to continue. Your digital signature will be registered the moment you select the “Sign” option.

Step 7: Verify your DSC enrollment.

We are pleased to inform you that your DSC has been successfully registered on the GST portal. You will receive a confirmation mail stating as much.

You have now finished the process of registering your DSC Digital Signature Certificate on the GST portal by following the procedures listed above.

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