Decoding DSC sign on MCA

Decoding DSC sign on MCA

We get users’ difficulty while associating their DSC sign on the MCA portal. At DSC Sign, we understand the importance of addressing these issues, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help our readers overcome common obstacles.

Difficulty in Associating DSC – Error: personal details mismatch

Ensure that the director’s details match with PAN data. Cross-verify names using the PAN number on the Income Tax portal. If discrepancies exist, amend details using the Dir 6 form. Check the DIN status on the MCA website.

DSC Error – The DSC is already used in the system

Update the profile from Authorized Signatory to Director by adding the DIN number. The DSC associated with the Authorized Signatory will automatically move to the Director’s profile.

DSC not registered – error

Register as a Business user on the MCA portal. Select the role as Manager/Secretary/Authorized Rep during the first-time registration. Once created, log in, go to MCA Services > FO Services > Associate DSC.

Associate DSC error: Screen Freeze after Clicking

For new tokens, change the default PIN from 12345678 to any other number, clear the browser cache, restart the system, and try again.

Why DSC is not getting detected?

Ensure prerequisite software is installed (Windows 2000 or later, Edge/Chrome/Firefox, Adobe Reader, Java version 8 Update 92). Download the latest DSC token program.

How to verify DSC in MCA

Log in, go to profile update, click Show DSC, verify PAN DSC serial number. If not match, update DSC under FO Service > Associate DSC.

How to resolve DSC token issues

Install DSC token driver, use the latest Java version, use Edge browser, open EmSigner as an administrator, clear the browser cache, and restart the system.

What does DSC failure mean?

DSC not connected indicates missing prerequisite software. Ensure all listed software is installed, clear cache, and retry.

Why is the digital signature not working?

Expired DSC might be the one reason, you can get Renew digital signature certificate in Bangalore at DSC Sign Renewal. Ensure all prerequisite software is installed and operational.

How to register DSC as an Authorized Representative

Register as a Business user, choose Manager/Secretary/Authorized Representative. Log in, go to ‘MCA Services,’ click ‘DSC Services,’ then ‘Associate DSC.

Can a director have two DSCs?

Yes, an individual director can obtain two DSC certificates for personal and professional purposes.

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DSC Requirement

    1. At DSC Sign, we initiate your digital signature journey with a thorough discussion to understand your specific requirements. Our DSC team analyzes your business needs, ensuring you obtain the most suitable Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) tailored to your unique circumstances.

Issue a New DSC:

    1. Need a new DSC? We’ve got you covered. Our streamlined process facilitates the issuance of new DSCs with precision and efficiency. From gathering necessary details to the final certificate delivery, our focus is on ensuring a swift and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Renewal Services:

    1. Stay ahead with our seamless DSC renewal services. We understand the critical importance of keeping your digital signatures up-to-date. DSC Sign offers a straightforward renewal process, ensuring uninterrupted usage while complying with all regulatory requirements.

DSC Token Issue:

    1. Encountering DSC token issues? Our DSC Sign experts specialize in resolving token-related challenges. Whether it’s a screen freeze or PIN complications, we guide you through the process of overcoming these hurdles, ensuring your digital signature experience remains uninterrupted.

Lowest Rates with Quick Services:

    1. DSC Sign takes pride in offering competitive rates without compromising on service speed and quality. Our commitment to providing quick services ensures that you obtain your DSC promptly, allowing you to focus on your business activities without unnecessary delays.

Exceptional After-Services:

Beyond issuance and renewal, DSC Sign’s commitment extends to exceptional after-services. Should you encounter any issues post-implementation, our dedicated support team is readily available to address and resolve your concerns. Your satisfaction and seamless DSC usage are our top priorities.

Choose DSC Sign for a holistic digital signature solution – from requirement discussions and new issuances to renewals, token issue resolutions, and unparalleled after services. Experience the convenience of efficient digital signatures at the lowest rates in the industry. Your journey to hassle-free DSC usage starts with DSC Sign.

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