How to check Digital Signature Certificate Validity and Expiry date?

How to check Digital Signature Certificate Validity and Expiry date?

In order to verify the legitimacy of digital documents, messages, or transactions, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is critical. Depending on the type of USB token decided on, comply with those commands to affirm the validity and expiration date of a DSC:

Check expiry of your Digital signature, DSC Validity

Insert USB Token: To begin, make sure your computer is hooked up to your DSC USB token.

Install Token Drivers: Set up the token drivers on your computer if you haven’t already done so.

Launch Token Manager: Launch the software or token supervisor that is associated with your USB token. Regarding the ePass 2003 Auto USB Token:

Step 1: Open the ePass2003 Token Manager application after entering the token.

ePass2003 Token Manager

Step 2: Using your user pin, log in.

Using your user pin

Step 3: To view information such as validity, pick the desired certificate and click ‘View certificate’.

View certificate

Step 4: The user can view the details of the digital certificate such as issued to, issued by and the validity of the certificate.

validity of the certificate

USB Token Watchdata

  • Open the Proxkey Token device Manager application after inserting the token.
  • To view certificate data, click the “Certificate” button.
  • Click ‘Show certificates’ after choosing the certificate to peer greater records, which include the expiration date.

USB Token TrustKey

  • Open the Trust Key tool app after entering the token.
  • To view certificates, click on Device Operation, which is observed with the aid of Certificate Operation.
  • Click ‘View certificates‘ after choosing the certificates to view extra records.

mToken USB Token

  • Open the CryptoID Manager app after inserting the token.
  • To log in and examine the certificate, click the “Certificates” button.
  • To view specifics that include validity, select the certificate.
  • Follow the renewal method, ship within the required paperwork for validation, and download the new certificates to the USB token to resume an expired DSC. After files are established and permitted, the paperless renewal process typically takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Users can ensure stable and authenticated digital transactions and communications by following those steps to confirm the validity and expiration date of their DSC Digital Signature Certificates.

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